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Welcome to DanielSecuritiesInc.com, the home of DanielSecurities. Daniel Securities is a company designed to perform multiple tasks, ranging from computer systems and networking security, to programming, to "coding". With a multitalented staff and in cooperation with Nova Corporate Communications, Daniel Securities works to provide customers ranging from the small business to defense contractors with the utmost quality work. By working with each other, Daniel Securities and Nova Corporate Communications are able to provide both the wording and the capability for any company to succeed.

Web Site Development Able to work with any technology, the design possibilities are limitless for the medium through which you will send your message. We can build your web site to be dynamic or static, rich and colorful or plain and powerful, simple or intricate, and we can give you any and all shades in between. If you need advice on what to say, how to say it, through our partner, you can get it. Best of all, our web sites are made to standard, so you know that it will look the way that you intend on any web browser!

Hosting Once a web site is made it will need to be hosted and a domain name will need purchased. That's where we can come to help, once again, as we offer a range of hosting and domain name plans to satisfy any company or person. We even have plans where you can have a dedicated server to yourself that you can manage remotely, thereby allowing you to use it for a wide range of purposes and set the configuration! With DanielSecurities, you will have tremendous hosting capabilities and a wide range of possibilities!

Vulnerability Testing Nothing is perfect, and that includes networks. Our job is to search out and find imperfections in your network that could allow a malicious person or application to enter your network and possibly do harm. We use a variety of techniques to ensure that your network and systems are secure, including penetration testing and security auditing. If an issue is found we will work with you to help resolve it and secure, not hamper, your network!

Security Auditing Everyone could use a hand when it comes to making certain that good, secure system policies are in use and practice. It is our job, and our passion, to ensure that clients are provided with good and proper security policies that work to help your network, not hamper it, while keeping malicious communities at bay. Although this would forgo penetration testing, security practices and procedures will be thoroughly examined by qualified personnel.

Security Consulting Questions concerning security and the best practices will be answered. This service will allow you to save money on audits and tests because there will be fewer results, therefore the tests and audits will take less time to be completed and for your staff to implement the suggestions brought up. This service should be used along with tests and audits, not as a replacement, but as a time and money saving technique!

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