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Daniel Securities believes in providing holistic security across customer networks, providing security at all layers -- network, system, os, application, and physical.


Software Security

Software security requires a strong understanding of how code interacts with hardware, the network, on different operating systems, and the quirks of each language to the compiler. Because of this, even though it's a subset of system security, it requires vastly different expertise.

Daniel Securities is unique in its approach to software and website security, offering your company time-tested software security expertise that is unmatched in the industry. Our work has secured software and websites across the globe and for customers in many different industries and our employees have helped lead the industry, winning numerous awards and accolades for their work and research.

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System Security

System security requires a strong understanding of how every layer of the system operates and requires both a broad and deep understanding of IT security to be done right. Our unique approach will help your systems be more available, secure, and efficient. At Daniel Securities we pride ourselves on being industry leaders, delivering results that endure the persistent battering of those intent on doing harm, spreading mischief, or 'just being curious'. With our help, your network can thrive.

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